27 March 2009

Presenting Reinvention at SheSays

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I had the opportunity to present at the last SheSays event on Wednesday. The topic was reinvention in your career: changing disciplines, changing countries, changing your approach to design, and making a complete change of industries. I was in good company with ladies from Anomaly, Tronic Studio, R/GA, and Silvercarrot. Here's the details from the flyer:


This month SheSays is all about changing, re-inventing and re-starting your career. We have come up with a group of speakers that have done every possible switch: from changing career disciplines to changing careers all together and even adding a change of country to spice things ups.

We would also like to hear experiences, thoughts and questions from everyone in the audience so whether you are coming just to sit in and listen, ask questions or comment on a topic being discussed, we would love to have you for our one year in NY celebratory event.

Vivian Rosenthal - Co-founder/Director - Tronic Studio
Tina Glengary - Creative Strategist - Big Spaceship
Julie Zukof - Strategist - Anomaly
Geetika Agrawal - Sr. Interaction Designer - R/GA

The whole evening inspired me, each of these women had such positive attitudes to change that is often beyond your control. And even when it is, change can often feel overwhelming. Change brings new things, change brings growth and change offers opportunities to rethink where you've been and where you're headed. In short, change is good. The crowd asked smart questions and seemed to be ready for some change of its own.

Check out my presentation. Hopefully there will be video of it up sometime soon for anyone who missed it.

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jm3 said...

Great job, i like the journey-as-presentation.

tiboutoo said...

thanks john! it has been a very interesting journey indeed.