04 October 2011

Beautiful mid-century, Japanese, Shaker-esque furniture

I think beautiful thoughts from Japan are coming my way through what I'm reading and what I'm finding online...

via Core77 on 9/8/11


I just stumbled across these awesome credenzas that I can only describe as Mid-Century Modern meets Japanese Craftsman:




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03 October 2011

Shabd Dye Workshop

Oh how I wish I could go to to this. Shabd's tie dye skills are amazing!

via ~>O<~ by Lena on 10/3/11

shabd is teaching a tie dye workshop at the textile art center. i HIGHLY recommend signing up!
details below.

- - - -

Fiber Reactive Dyes with Shabd

Learn the process of Dyeing with Shabd, one of our generations leading dye-artists. In this 3 week class, Shabd will teach you the basic procedures for dyeing with Procion dyes, by immersion, painting and tie-dye, with both cellulose and protein fibers. You will learn various tying, dying and shibori techniques, as well as basic color theory and design concepts for dying. It will be fun, and colorful and bright! Discover the dyer in you and design your own dye patterns! Students will focus on swatches to perfect technique and in the last class work on individual projects.

3 Session
Sundays 2:00 - 6:00PM, October 16 - October 30
The Textile Art Center in Carroll Gardens, Brooklyn

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01 October 2011

Craft Swap 2011

I recently participated in a craft swap where (bear with the complicated description):

  1. I took 3 photos and assembled a triptych with those photos
  2. I received photos from 3 different people and could do "something" with those photos to make them more mine

So first, here is my triptych of Golly, my service puppy in training. I call it SML, the darn puppy just keeps getting bigger.


And here is the originals I got and what I transformed them into.

Original from Sue

Sue's Trees

Sabrina's Watery Scene

Ayaka's Textures of Japan
Ayaka's Wood Textures

30 September 2011

Nestlé Commercial First To Make Direct Pitch To Dogs

I'm sure my dogs would agree...not enough squeaky toy noise to make this truly meaningful. :)

via PSFK on 9/30/11

One of the world's largest pet food manufacturers said on Friday it had launched the first television commercial designed especially for dogs, using a high-frequency tone to grab their attention.

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26 September 2011

Tea Container Craftsman at TORTOISE General Store

How do I love Tortoise and their General Store...let me count the ways!

They bring unique craftspeople to their store to share their trades with patrons. I wish I lived in LA to take better advantage of it.

via Blog by sumi on 9/23/11

Mr. Yagi, the fifth generation craftsman from KAIKADO, a tea container manufacturing company since 1875 is visiting our store!

They brought in numerous variations of their stunning collection for this event.

Today until 9/25 Sunday, if you purchase any size canister, Mr. Yagi will give you a free scooper with your name engraved in kanji.


Please take your time to visit us to see the amazing craftsmanship.

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23 September 2011

Beautiful necklaces

Love the kitty faces!

via Design*Sponge by Grace Bonney on 9/22/11

Apparently, my reputation as a serious cat lady precedes me. One of the funniest things that kept happening at last week’s book tour events was people coming up to me to show me pictures of their cats. One very kind crafter in Boston even made me a stuffed animal that looked just like Turk. I’m officially that girl. It’s alright though — the stray cat hairs on my coat gave me away ages ago. So it’s no surprise that I’m kind of loving these handmade cat lockets by Lee May Foster at The Shop Floor Project. Kooky? Yep. Cute? Totally. You can pick up several different styles right here. Two paws up. Sorry, I’ll stop now. xo, grace

*If you’re not into cats, the celestial-themed necklaces are lovely, too.

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24 May 2011

A Tool To Help Planners Define The Strategic Landscape

I liked how simple this is, laying out where you are and where you're headed.

via PSFK on 4/28/11

Ed Cotton: A Tool To Help Planners Define The Strategic Landscape It's pretty easy to get confused and caught up when you are trying to plan ahead- there can be lots of blurring between strategy, vision, mission and plannerspeak.

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