16 December 2008

Think Before You Twitter?

With the social media scene looking somewhat like the Wild West, a few smart companies are thinking about how to control (as best they can) outgoing communication done by employees. There are lots of companies with social media strategies, that's not news. But the idea that companies are thinking about how employees will portray their employer is pretty fascinating.

Intel, IBM and the Navy (the Navy?) all have published guidelines on how to best make use of this new technology without making them look dumb. And of course the guidelines remind people not to spend 8+ hours a day on Facebook.

Who will come up with guidelines next and who will take things too far? From what I can see from the examples above, they have created thoughtful guidelines and are doing things right. Common sense can go a long way as well. We're talking about managing people, not technology.

Thanks to Experience Architect for the tip.

Something to Think About: Way back when, email was scary too. Maybe in the near future, social media will be thought of as just another office tool.

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