29 October 2008

Comparison Shopping

Shopping online is great for finding the cheapest price regardless of where the item is located. With Google's G1 phone, the magic of Android lets you comparison shop anywhere. Using the phone's camera function (but without taking a photo), you can scan a barcode of an item and comparison shop right there in the app (ShopSavvy and CompareEverywhere are two apps reviewed here). No need to go to a bunch of sites and remember who has the best deal. You can store the deals you find into wish lists to act on later.

While there are iPhone apps that allow for the same scanning (like Snappr), the reviews have been spotty, citing imaging problems or a reliance on QR codes rather than the ever-present barcode. The whole process is super quick on the G1.

Something to Think About: While the G1 (or other Android devices) are not likely to oust the iPhone as the "it" mobile device, it is creating some healthy competition in the mobile app market.

Photo by Dekuwa

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