17 March 2007

10 things i like (with "k")

thanks to susan for assigning me the letter "k." we worked together at the henry ford and traveled quite a few times to disney destinations to research experience design (and have a little fun too). so here's my list (in no particular order):
  1. knitting - i'm not so good at it but i love trying.
  2. kitty cats - and dogs and horses and birds and goats and bunnies
  3. knowledge - i love to learn about anything
  4. kiosk - my favorite store in nyc
  5. kindred spirits - you know who you are
  6. kisses - from loved ones and little kids
  7. kids toys - i have a bit of a problem with my growing collection
  8. kindness - who doesn't?
  9. karma - the law of attraction that like attracts like
  10. killing time - up with procraftination!!!

1 comment:

I Buy Books said...

Okay, it is not a good think that Kiosk is also online. I could do some serious damage there.

Yeah for kitty cats! How is Turla doing?