22 February 2007

My Barbie Is on Twitter

When I was little, I loved playing with Barbie (come to whatever conclusions you'd like to). But one thing that amused me was how much information my sister would tell me about what her Barbie was up to. Things like: "My Barbie is going to brush her teeth now" or "My Barbie is talking to this person now."

Being a small twitter addict reminds me of this. I still tease my sister when she tells me what she's up to. I'll ask, "Oh, is your Barbie going to start cooking now? Great!" But now I'm doing the same thing on Twitter.

So now it is her chance to tease me. My Barbie is off to check on my twitters.

More on Twitter from Chroma.

Barbie photo.


Dino said...

Thanks for the shout :)
Really like your weblog.

Dino (Chroma)

p.s. will you be at the psfk conference?

tiboutoo said...

yes. i'll be at the conference. i'm really looking forward to it.