18 November 2008

Good Mobile Ideas (thx PSFK)

I attended the Good Ideas in 2009: Mobile event this morning. As always, PSFK puts on a good show. The plan is to have a series of salons raising interesting topics such as mobile technology, collaboration, social media and the future.

Allison Mooney moderated a panel with Steve Roberts (ShopText), Alistair Fulton (Deloitte), Kevin Slavin (area/code) and Florian Peters (CScout). Much of the discussion rehashed the obvious trends, location-based services and what the carriers should do (but aren't). Since there were lots of agency folks there, I expected more examples of what brands are doing it right or trying new things. Or at least a word or two about the sweet announcement that the G1 phone can handle Flash (not Flashlite). C'mon iPhone...we're waiting.

A pearl of wisdom from Kevin Slavin: we all need to remember that a mobile device with its tiny screen and hard to use keyboards are not like a little Internet. If behind the scenes processes (like location) can help provide some context, then the overall experience will be better because it doesn't rely on people having to enter that information. Kevin gave a funny example of searching for Here Theater in the Village. Because his phone knew where he was (the Village), it could give him meaningful results for his "here" search.

Also, Naveen Selvadurai (at Socialight) and Dennis Crowley (founded Dodgeball) hinted at an upcoming project (I've gotten a sneak peek) that will combine the fun of games/leaderboards (a la Jane McGonigal) with location-based technology. I'll be sure to blog with more as they roll the project out.

Something to Think About: It's easy to get excited about technology for technology sake, especially with mobile technology. But the goal should be about creating experiences and having the technology enable the experience.

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